miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

November sale and head flaws ~_~

After waiting for a long time, Ophelia and heads are finally here. They will be available through the website from November 10 at 09:00 (GTM +1). Must say this will be the last time the heads will be offered in Fresh and Oriental Skin.

But before you purchase any of these heads I must warn you. I don't know what happened during the casting process at the factory, but all heads (both Ophelia and Fang) have a gap between de head and the headtape. The gap matches with the sanding marks from the factory, so I think there was some problem there. Fortunatelly, this gap can't be seen when the doll wears the wig. I'm sorry for the inconvenience it may cause ú__ù.

(Here you can see the gap, its about 1mm-2mm)

(Creepy picture of lots of heads)

Also I would like to present you Lupe, my special Pruna I've been working on. She was exposed at the Chibi Dolls&Party! This is the first time I work in a complete OOAK (One Of A Kind) and I'm pretty proud :3 I did the make up, the wig, and sew the dress and the socks! But it took me too much time and now I'm not sure If I'm ready to do OOAKs for sell ú___ù. Lupe is not for sale, sorry.

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