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October News! Lan Fang, new bodies and Chibi D&P event!

Hello everyone!

Sorry I've not been very active lately, I'm working on the final proyect of my career and takes me some time! 
While we are waiting for the last batch of heads (20 Fang and 10 Ophelia heads!) that will be coming on late October / November, I've started workin on the new Merry Doll Round bodies! Walnut body will be officially discontinued, but one of the new bodies is pretty similar, big hips power! Right now I only have this pic that can be seen on Instagram since few weeks ago, but I promise I will take better pictures when the first body is finished!

New bodies! (Also the head is new, I will talk about it on another post ;D)
I think I will finish the straight one (on the right) first, and send it to be casted with Fang head. What do you think? I think she (or he, as many people loves Fang as a boy <3) would look great on that body! 

Also, I painted a Pale Skin Fang head. I named her Lan Fang, wich means Scented Orchid or Scent of Orchid.  She will be up for sale this Sunday, October 12 at 11 am (GTM +1). Price will be 150€ plus shipping. 
As resin match options for this head, I used a Elfdoll Snow Skin Rainy body, and the resin match is pretty good. This head is a bit paler than Fresh Skin, so it's nearby the paper white.

Yep, I loved this last picture so much that I've use it everywhere!

And last but not least, the Chibi Dolls&Party! I will write this in spanish, because this event is small and I think only spanish people will go ;D 

Bueno, pues como algunos sabréis, quienes vayáis al Salón del Manga de Barcelona podréis pasaros un ratejo por el Chibi Dolls&Party! Está bastante cerca de la Fira de Montjuic donde se hace el Salón, a unos 10-15 minutos andando, y la entrada es gratis! Así que si el Salón llega a ese punto donde te apetece salir a fuera porque hay demasiada gente dentro, y no sabes qué hacer ¡Pasate! Podéis encontrar información sobre el evento en su blog: http://chibidollsparty.blogspot.com.es/ Parece que aún lo están completando, así que paciencia!

Yo estaré allí con alguna que otra cabeza (espero que llegue la tirada de Fangs y Ophelias a tiempo!) y Prunas! Estoy preparando alguna edición especial para llevar allí, de la que os puedo dejar un pequeño adelanto ;D

I'm working on a Pruna OOAK of Catrina, the mexican skeleton from Dia de Muertos!

Thank you very much for reading!
Muchas gracias por leer!


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