sábado, 31 de marzo de 2012

La historia de Fang y Ophelia IV

I'm dissapeared! I've been saving and waiting for more LaDoll, silicon and resin and now I'm working hard ò_ó
I bought silicon and resin because I'm trying to cast Fang myself, just a couple of copies so I can show her with different face-ups and stuff (don't worry, copies for sale will be casted by DollShe, as Merry heads) ^^ Righ now the firts part of the mold is drying ~3~ First attempt on bjd mold making was a dissaster, but I learned a lot about it! It was so terrible that I didn't took pictures of the result, so I'll post a chibi-me draw, trying to sculpt. 

I have a lot of ideas and future plans, (just check the web, I've added a "Fairytale" section, but still in process), and also I would like to sculp some heads inspired on Astrid Berges-Frisbey and Benedict Cumberbatch, but I'll have to inform  about image rights and that kind of things, because I want to make it legally. And If it's to complicated, I will make them for myself ú___ù. What do you think about it?

I had to stop working with the body, because I ran out of LaDoll. But I recieved more today, so I will work hard on it as soon as I finish face-up commissions.

Finally, Dollshe wrote me that the Merry heads from last pre-order will be shipped next week. Yai!! Unfortunatelly, we'll have national holydays during the days that the heads are planned to arrive, so the delivery may be delayed ;_____; Cross fingers with me!!


Siento no traducirlo al castellano, es tarde y estoy vaga, espero que mi inglés sea lo suficientemente bueno para que se entienda :__D

jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

La historia de Fang y Ophelia III

Pues casi un mes llevaba sin trabajar en las cabezas! Tube un pequeño bajón productivo y me centré en el cuerpo que tengo a medias, además de que me daba mucha pereza empezar con el surfacer ~3~ Hoy me he puesto a darle capas a Fang, que será la siguiente en ir a Corea, cuando vuelvan las Merrys del primer pre-order, allá por Abril.

He decidido que Fang estará disponible como cabeza, pero Ophelia saldrá a la venta como muñeca entera ^^ Prometo poner  fotos del cuerpo y el proceso de Ophi cuando tenga el cuerpo más avanzado.


Almost a month has past since I stop working on the heads! I had a small drop in productivity and started working on the body. Also I was too lazy to start working on surfacer ~3~ Today I've started giving surfacer layers to Fang, that will be the next head to be sent to Corea, when the first Merry pre-order arrives, at April.
I've decided that Fang will be available as head, but Ophelia will be released as full doll, with the new body I'm working on. 
I promise I will update with the body pictures and Ophi process when the body is more laborate.

Sorry for my bad english, I just need to practice and get used to. ú___________ù